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Purple Martin Birdhouse plans

purple marting bird house plans Purple martin's will fly in from all over for a chance at securing a home in this attractive purple martin twelve room condo. These Purple Martin birdhouse plans will take you step by step through the complete building process. Do not worry about hiring a maid, our plans will describe how to assemble your new purple martin home for easy cleaning if those pesky sparrow's take over.

Purple Martin birdhouse Plan #BH-12 dimensions:

Height:  1' 4"
Width:  1' 4"
Length:  1' 6"

Availability: Ground or Downloadable.
Make sure to select delivery method of choice during order process.

Purple Martin House #BH-12pad$7.95pad

Location of your Purple Martin House

Incorrect placement of martin housing is the main reason people fail to attract them. Purple Martin's are very picky with their aerial space requirements. Your Purple Martin house should be placed in the most open spot in your yard that's available and about 30-100 feet from human housing. You should have no trees that are taller than the martin house within 40 feet. If at all possible the farther from trees the better as this is where the Purple Martin's enemies live.
Your Purple Martin house should be 10 to 20 feet off the ground. Always keep shrubs, tall bushes and vines away from the pole. No wires should be attached to the house that lead to any trees, buildings or the ground. If you have a very wooded yard and these trees are too close to the Martin house you can prune or possibly remove or if the trees are not too tall you can erect the Martin house higher than the trees. If you live close to water a boat dock is an excellent location for a Purple Martin house.


Birdhouse with Planter

bird house with planters Our birdhouse with planter will attract your feathered friends and display your favorite flower basket all in one.

Plan #BH-14 Birdhouse planter height: 5'

Ground or Downloadable.
Make sure to select delivery method of choice during order process.


Birdhouse with Planter #BH-14pad$7.95pad



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