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Adirondack Furniture Plans

This classic style Adirondack furniture will add class to any yard or patio. Three available Adirondack style plans will allow a complete set (loveseat, chair, ottoman) to be made and enjoyed. We also offer a three in one plan.

How Adirondack Furniture got its name.

Prior to the 1830’s, little was even known about the Adirondack Mountain Area in Upstate New York. After the Civil War, Ebenezer Emmons was asked to survey these woods and the Adirondacks were exposed as a recreational spot where an individual could go and experience the wilderness. People began to move into this area and this eventually brought in tourists enjoying the outdoors. With the increase in tourism came extravagant hotels and guesthouses that only the rich could afford.

adirondack chair plansA new style of architecture was born in the Adirondacks during the 1870’s, which was also known as the “Great Camp” by William West Durant. He built buildings with many designs borrowed from Swiss Chalets in Europe. Materials were found locally and the buildings were constructed to stand up to the elements and harmonize with the environment. Rustic work made use of limbs and roots of the native trees; their natural curves and knots were used to create patterns used on Gables, Porch Railings outside the buildings and for all types of woodland furniture. Birch Bark was even used as wallpaper while native stones were used in fireplaces and chimneys.build a chair yourself

These Great Camps became popular with the wealthy and many tourists eventually bought land to build their own camps in this style. The Adirondack Style spread from the Adirondacks in New York to the Colorado Rocky Mountains. This Adirondack Style included the standard “Adirondack Chair” and soon encompassed furniture built from natural tree limbs for every room inside the camp. Franklin Roosevelt was so taken by this style that he pushed the idea that buildings in the national parks system should emulate this style as seen in The Inn at Yellowstone National Park. The Adirondack Style was designed to withstand the elements, provide comfort to the inhabitants, and to harmonize with nature. It’s no wonder that its popularity still exists today even though the use of this style has declined since the 1930’s.


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