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Have a Website?

Link to us and receive 30% commission per sale!!

How does it work?

Simple! Just send us an e-mail with your site's name and URL, plus your mailing address. We will review your site's content and send you the linking information.
Please note that no sites promoting pornography will be allowed.

What happens after I'm accepted?
We send you two things. First we will send you a code to use in all of your links to our site. This will allow you, us and Yahoo Store (our affiliate program host) to keep track of any and all customers you send our way.
The second thing you'll receive is a special URL from Yahoo Store that allows you to track the number of sales and visits you've sent to our site. This list is kept by Yahoo Store and updated daily.

How, and when, do I get paid?
We pay monthly to any site that has generated $25 or more in commissions (if your total is under $25 for that month we'll carry it over until you hit $25). Our standard commission is 30%. Your check will be mailed to you within on week after the month ends - just don't forget to give us your address!

If you're interested please click on the link below to read our affiliate agreement and find out how to sign up.

Affiliate Agreement




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