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About our Plans

Our plans take you step by step through the entire building process. No small details are left out. We do not assume the project builder knows any woodworking or framing techniques or terminology. Each step is detailed with drawings and text. The text provides hints and tips to keep you from making common mistakes. 

Most plans available from other companies are "blueprint" style plans where all details are included in a couple confusing drawings. These blueprints do not help you decide the optimum sequence to complete the project. Also, so much information is crammed into a small area, you will find yourself studying the blueprint for hours before you can even begin the work (if you don't give up first)

All our plans start with a detailed material list describing every part needed to complete the project (down to every nail). This material list can be taken to your local building department to procure all parts in one trip. Everyone knows how frustrating it can be to be in the middle of a project and have to take a break to go to the hardware store for a screw that you must have. Materials list's can be downloaded for project estimated cost by clicking here.
Most of our plans include 3-D isometric drawings showing how to install the part detailed in that particular step.
Many steps required angle cuts, or other abnormal details that need further clarification. All these cuts are separately detailed and dimensioned.
Some of our plans utilize templates to be traced onto the boards. These templates are simply cut-outs from the plans that you place on the board and transfer to the board. These are used any time curved cuts are specified. You will not need to buy carbon paper to transfer the template. Many times, the template will to be assembled from numerous 8-1/2" x 11" pages.



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